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365 Login - Office 365 login is owned by Microsoft Company, which is a 4 years subscription plan for their services. Actually this mail 365 login helps the users to navigate or get any of their favorite document at anywhere on their favorite used device. Office 365 is a calendar system and Masons Email Service for their valuable employees. Along with this the student Email 365 service is also provided by the Mason service live system.

If you wish to buy a 365 login product with the university subscription, please may have a look here on their pricing and other specifications.

Office 365 Products

Packages Features:

    Completely Installed All Office Applications (For Latest Windows, Mac, Windows Tablets/ Phone, iPhone/iPad.)
    It is designed for every platform for different Operating systems.
    After Signing up for the office 365 sign in. You can then access it anywhere hence thats called Ease of Access for mail 365 login users.
    You can access skype (which is also a Microsoft Product), along with the 365 mail anywhere.
    After buying office mail 365 login along with the university subscription you can get
    An Office 365 product holder can have live support for any problem and guides from Microsoft.

Where to buy Office 365

Office 365 can be purchased from a variety of retailers, but before you go and buy it, you need to know the different offerings that are included.

Differences Between Office 365 Offerings

Where to buy Office 365

There are a few versions of the software available. Every offering includes the following applications:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Access
These programs are available when you purchase office.

Monthly Options

Where to buy Office 365

There are two monthly options for non-business users. These versions both offer free support and upgrades.
Office 365 Home
Home edition costs $9.99 per month and includes Outlook. This option also offers:
  • 5 installations on PC or Mac
  • 5 installations on tablets
  • 5 installations on phones
Offline storage of 1 TB for every user is included as well as 60 minutes a month of Skype for free.
Users can purchase one-year of usage for a 16% discount of $99.
Office 365 Personal
The personal version is best for one-person users. This version also includes Outlook and the following restrictions:
  • Installation on 1 PC
  • Installation on 1 tablet
  • Installation on 1 phone
There is 1 TB of OneDrive space included as well as 60 minutes of Skype for free. The price for the personal version is $6.99 per month.
Users can purchase a year of service for $69.99 (16% off).

One-time Fee

Office Home & Student
A one-time fee provides you with Office 2013 (PC) or Office 2016 (MAC). This version can only be installed on one PC and does not offer tablet or phone use or free Skype minutes. Online storage is limited to 15 GB.
The one-time fee offer is $139.99; updates are not provided for free.
Office Home & Business 2013
Nearly the same offering as Home & Student, but this version can be used by businesses and includes Outlook.
Office Professional 2013
Again, this version is like Home & Business, but Publisher and Access is included.

Business Options

There are three business tiers available that all come with a monthly fee attached. These three versions start from $5 a month per user and run up to $12.50 per user a month.
Office 365 Business Essentials
An online only version that includes all of the same great apps users love. This version costs $5/month and includes:
  • Word, excel and PowerPoint
  • 1 TB of storage
  • 50 GB business class email
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • Corporate social network
  • 300 maximum users
Office 365 Business
The Business version does not come with email, but costs $8.25/month and offers:
  • Word, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Excel
  • 5 installation per users
  • Online and offline installation
  • 1 TB file storage
  • 300 user maximum
Office 365 Business Premium
The Premium version costs $12.50/month and comes with the following:
  • Online access, offline installation
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher
  • 50 GB of email
  • 1 TB of file storage
  • HD video conferencing
  • Business class email, calendar and contacts
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • 300 user capacity
  • Corporate social network

Where to Buy Office 365

There are a few places where you can buy Office 365. The prices that are listed above all come from Microsoft’s own online store. If you don’t want to buy Office from the original source, you do have a few other options available.
  • Amazon: Offering the standard price for the Home
  • Best Buy: Offers the standard price for the Home edition as well.
Users that want to pay the one-time fee will find that the price difference is negligible between Microsoft and all other retailers. Even Newegg has the same price listed as Microsoft. When paying for the subscription, you can buy the annual package from other retailers, but you will have to resume making payments through Microsoft after your prepaid period expires.

What is Office 365

Microsoft Office has become the standard in office software, and Office 365 brings along a lot of changes to the Office software suite. Now, users have the same great tools with a few added bonuses that allows businesses, students and personal users to supercharge their experience with Office.

How Office 365 is Different

What is Office 365

Microsoft Office 2013 is software, but Office 365 is software as a service (subscription). Users that are used to the traditional one-payment model will find that this is fading away with Office, but it’s a slow transition.
With Office 365, users will pay:
  • $9.99 a month for the Home version.
  • $6.99 a month for the Personal version.
The main difference is the number of devices a user can use with each subscription. With the Home edition, users can install Office on 5 PCs, 5 tablets and 5 phones. The Personal version allows installation on 1 phone, tablet and PC.
Office 2013 offers a one-time purchase and installation on only 1 PC.
Power users, those that use Office daily, will benefit most from 365 because it offers:
  • Continual updates
  • Microsoft support at no extra charge
Essentially, you’re paying for an up-to-date version that provides better support than 2013.

What Programs Are Included With Office 365

What is Office 365

Office 365 includes all of the programs that users need for work, school and personal use. The following programs are included:
The ideal desktop database. Access allows for data to be stored and accessed instantly using the Access database. This is ideal for large datasets and doesn’t require a server to use. Using the SQL database, data access is fast while being very secure.
Spreadsheets allow you to keep all of your data neatly organized. Analyze, add reports and perform analysis based on all of the data input.
Outlook 365 is the premiere email client that allows you to get work done faster and more efficiently. The new outlook allows you to perform routine email tasks, make appointments, create task lists, access your calendar, and schedule meetings all from Outlook.
Note taking has become supercharged with OneNote. OneNote allows you to clip any webpage and save it to read it later, create notes, add graphics or even perform word processing to make notes for any task they need to complete.
Publisher allows you to create the best looking photos, templates and designs all on one canvas. This can then be adjusted and sent through email or used for cards. Publisher simplifies making newsletters or fancy emails while being a strong photo processer.
PowerPoint allows for the creation of slideshows and presentations. These files are perfect for business and educational use. This is the perfect choice for school or business presentations that are better visualized with imagery.
Read, edit and create word documents. Word allows for fast and efficient word processing wherever you go. Word is ideal for students that need to write an essay or dissertation, or businesses that need to send an invoice to a client or write a business proposal.
This isn’t all of the features that Office 365 has to offer. Anyone with a subscription will also receive 1 TB of free data storage on OneDrive. With the Online Portal, you’ll also be able to use all of these great programs right online whenever you want and save all of these documents to OneDrive for easy access.
Online functionality allows for fast and secure collaboration among coworkers without ever needing to worry about outdated software or security issues.
Office 365 also offers a 16% discount to anyone that subscribes annually to their service for $99 instead of $9.99 per month. This is the best value for your money.

Outlook 365 Login

Outlook 365 is a part of the Office 365 suite of products and is included with your Office 365 subscription. Outlook 365 is very similar to its 2010 and 2007 versions, and you can use this application to send and receive emails, organize your messages, set up the Out of Office Assistant, and view your contacts and calendar appointments.
Logging into Outlook 365 is easy, and we’ll show you how in the guide below. But first, it’s important to understand why you need an Outlook 365 login in the first place.

Why Do You Need an Outlook 365 Login?

If you’re a regular user of the Outlook application, you’ll need an Outlook 365 login to continue using it under the new line of Office products. Without this login, you will not be able to send or receive emails, organize your messages, or take advantage of any of the other features that Outlook has to offer.

Outlook 365 Login

How to Login to Outlook 365

There are a few different ways to log into Outlook 365. One is through the Outlook web app, and the other is through the Outlook application on your computer.
Let’s take a look at how to sign into the Outlook web app first.
  1. Visit the official sign in page: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=402333
  2. Enter your full email address for your Office 365 account.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click the sign in button.
Now you should have access to Outlook and your emails.
The Outlook web app allows you to access your contacts, email, and your calendar right through your web browser. Most modern web browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
You can also sign into Outlook 365 through the Outlook application on your computer. Before you can do that, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve connected your email address to the Outlook application. Once you’ve connected your email address, you should be signed in to your email indefinitely, provided you selected the Remember Password checkbox when logging into your Outlook 365 account

How to Reset Your Outlook Email Address or Password

What happens if someone hacks into your email or gains unauthorized access to your Outlook account? What if you get a new email address? It’s possible to reset your password and your Outlook email address with ease.

Resetting Your Password

Because Outlook 365 is a part of the Office 365 product line, you’ll need to change your password for Office 365 in order to change your Outlook password. All of these applications are linked together, so this one “master password” will need to be changed in order to change Outlook password.

Changing Your Outlook Email

Changing your email address in Outlook is simple. Here’s how:
  • Click on the File tab.
  • Click on Account Settings, click on Account Settings again.
  • Select the Exchange email that you want to change, and then click the Change button.
  • Locate the Email Address box under User Information.
  • Type in your email address.
  • Click on More Settings.
  • Click on the General tab.
  • Locate the Reply Email Address box under Other User Information. Make sure that your reply email address is correct.

Updating Your Email Password

If you’ve recently updated your email password, you can also change it on Outlook 365.
  • Click on the File tab.
  • Click on Account Settings, click on Account Settings again.
  • Locate the Password Box under Login Information, and type in your new password.
  • Check the Remember Password check box if you want Outlook to remember your password every time you sign in.
Logging into your Outlook 365 account is simple and easy whether you the choose to use the web app for the Outlook client.

Facebook signs up to Use Office 365

Facebook recently signed a deal that will allow them to use Microsoft’s Office 365, which is the web-based version of their comprehensive software suite. While this social network company will have full access to numerous components of Office 365, they will not be able to use Yammer or Skype for business purposes.
Tim Campos, who is the CIO of Facebook, stated that their company is using Office 365 because it is such a comprehensive platform that conforms to their strict security standards, and that it will allow them to accomplish their goals with great flexibility. The fact that this platform is deployed all over the planet and can be accessed on all of the mobile platforms Facebook supports is yet another reason why they are using it.
While most people think of Office 365 as being just Word, Excel and Power Point, Facebook has stated that there are uses for it that go beyond just those components. One of the reasons that the social networking giant decided to start using this software suite is because of its potential for providing them with insight into how their own employees work with each other. The personal analytics along with Focused Inbox and other features will help Facebook to increase how effectively and efficiently they are able to work on a daily basis.
Campos also stated that they plan on continuing to roll out additional services as Microsoft continues to innovate with Office 365. He said that productivity and security are two very important things to Facebook, and this software suite will help to enhance both in a significant and practical way.
A vast majority of Facebook’s use of Office 365 will be its email and calendar services. All 13,000 employees of this social networking company will have access to these features, and they will be using Facebook at Work to collaborate. Part of this collaboration involves Facebook working with Microsoft on their Delve software to make it easier to find relevant information within documents.
Facebook definitively stated that despite Facebook at Work’s many uses and sheer effectiveness, it does not end the need for email. The Radicati Group estimated that the use of email will reach 215.3 billion emails sent by the end of 2016 with a five percent increase annually through 2020.

Using Microsoft 360 will supposedly help those who work at Facebook with Microsoft’s Delve service. The purpose of Delve is to locate relevant content in documents, which can in theory help this social network giant to function even more efficiently.
Microsoft Delve will undoubtedly help Facebook employees with sorting through huge amounts of irrelevant information so they can find specific pieces of data that they need for whatever reason. This will be an especially useful tool for Facebook, considering it has approximately 1.6 billion users that generate tons of raw data.
The announcement of this collaboration between Facebook and Microsoft was initially announced by Tim Campos at Microsoft’s Partner Conference. While there are a number of rival services that are drawing in corporate customers, Kirk Koenigsbauer of Microsoft stated that email is not dead. Tim Campos went on to say that there are other reasons why they have chosen to collaborate with Microsoft and use Office 365, such as that it is a highly flexible and secure platform that will help their employees in a number of ways.
Microsoft 360 operates completely online with a cloud-based design, and it’s main competitor is the Google Apps Suite. Campos stated that Facebook’s entire philosophy is to provide their employees with the tools they need to help them work more efficiently on the devices they feel most comfortable with. One of the primary reasons that Facebook chose Office 360 is because it can be used across all platforms, including Android, PCs, iPhones and Macs.
Campos also praised Office 360’s ability to make the task of dealing with tons of data a lot easier for the company’s employees. This software will help Facebook to deal with both internal and external data through tools that use artificial intelligence, including Microsoft Delve and Microsoft Exchange’s Clutter feature.
One of the things that Facebook likes most about Office 360 is the fact that Microsoft is always making improvements and innovations to it, as well adding new features, apps and capabilities that can be hugely beneficial to the social networking company. And while Facebook will no doubt get lots of use out of the email and calendaring features of this software suite, it most likely will not be using Microsoft Word very much. Facebook uses Quip, which is a mobile word processor that was originally developed by Bret Taylor, who is the former CTO and current board member of Twitter.

Mr. Campos said he believed that Microsoft Delve as well as Office 360 as a whole will prove to be extremely helpful in “keeping the noise level down” as he put it, which will translate into more efficient employees on a regular basis. Facebook fully expects to see tremendous results from the web-based Office suite, despite the fact that they will not be utilizing every single component of it.
Tim Campos has been very outspoken about his excitement regarding the collaboration between Microsoft and Facebook, saying that he fully expects it to be “fruitful” and yield noticeable results. Facebook stated that email is a better option for them as opposed its Facebook at Work variant. Facebook at Work was first launched back in 2015, and it allowed employees of this company to trade information and content across a web interface that they were familiar with.
According to Campos, Facebook at Work will continue to be used for internal purposes, but the company still recognizes how important it is to have a traditional email option. The Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365 Applications stated that email is still going to be used as the primary means of communication. He also said that email itself has evolved quite a bit over the years, as larger companies tend to use various social networking platforms for internal communication as well as keeping track of projects and annotating documents.
Campos expressed special interest in Microsoft Graph because of its impressive functionality, stating that it could really help Facebook employees work together in a much more efficient and cohesive way. He believes that their company can leverage Microsoft Graph within their own internal tools and services to make some significant improvements across the board. Campos also said that he believes that Microsoft’s productivity applications are impressively comprehensive and will undoubtedly be able to meet the company’s security and productivity needs going into the future.
Facebook collaboration with Microsoft could be a huge win for the social networking giant. This recent news has also revealed Microsoft’s intention to build and grow their productivity suite across a number of devices. There are also huge implications for other tech companies that have plans to do the same thing by using Office 365 for small businesses. There are quite a few different organizations that are interested in certain mergers that could help them to increase productivity and overall employee performance, and this is just one prime example. One thing is for certain—Facebook is very confident that this collaboration will help them tremendously

8 Microsoft Office 365 Security Tips to Reduce Data Loss

More than four in ten organizations are about to start implementing Office 365, or are currently making use of it this application. It therefore comes as no surprise that income for Microsoft’s flagship cloud-based email and collaboration option has increased by almost 70% between 2015 and 2016. In order to address the growing use of this application and to ensure maximum security, Microsoft has implemented tons of safety measures.

However, even with a slew of new safety tools and safety and compliance guidance, security issues still exist. In order to avoid being subjected to these , there are things that you can do to safeguard yourself from potential security hazards
There are several safety risks that are associated with Microsoft Office 365, and they can come from various areas. Some of them are controllable, and some are not. Why leave your safety to chance?
Organizations shouldn’t shy away from this increasingly popular service; rather, they should just take the time to fully grasp the specifications to secure the environment and protect the customers and their information from malicious activity, loss and misuse. To this end, there are quite a few baseline safety actions to take in Workplace 365 to assist mitigate some of these risks. This slideshow is geared toward highlighting a handful of these actions.

Danger: Your Default Admin mailbox may be accessed without the need of authorization

By default, when an account is created it’s offered an admin mailbox. Nonetheless, the admin account doesn’t really need to obtain mail, it only must administer the resolution.
The safety action necessary to address this danger will be to get rid of this account mailbox.
This exact same model should be applied to all places from the answer; appear to lock down all app facts. This would mostly be done case-by-case for every app.

Danger: Sensitive information could leak inside Office 365

Sensitive information leakage is often a big concern for organizations that have moved to or are in the course of action of moving to Office 365. No matter if the organization is worried about unauthorized access and/or unintended exposure of private overall health facts (PHI), protected bank card information, or the company’s intellectual home (IP), data protection should be a massive focus when hunting to adopt Workplace 365.
The security action needed to address this risk is to deploy a cloud-access safety broker which can help cloud-based information loss prevention. This can enable recognize sensitive information which is currently resident in OneDrive and SharePoint in addition to sensitive data which is uploaded, downloaded or shared in real time. To remove blind spots, it is also crucial that the CASB supports the ability to see facts of all Workplace 365 site visitors whether or not the usage originates from a net browser, mobile app, OneDrive sync client, and even certainly one of the Workplace 365 ecosystem apps. Locating sensitive information will be the very first step; placing a quarantine or block policy in place to stop it from leaking could be the follow-on mitigating control.

Danger: Data could possibly be exfiltrated from Workplace 365 to an unsanctioned cloud app

A risky scenario is presented when users log into an Workplace 365 app for instance SharePoint or OneDrive, download sensitive data, and upload that information to an unsanctioned cloud app including their personal Dropbox. The security action essential to address this threat will be the deployment of a cloud-access safety broker answer which will detect activity and data usage particulars across each Office 365 and unsanctioned cloud apps, correlating the activity sequence and identifying doable information exfiltration.
Following the implementation of a cloud-access security broker, the following step is always to place a policy in spot that prevents information from leaking from Workplace 365 and/or towards the unsanctioned cloud app.

Danger: Workplace 365 trial conversions could leak information

The challenge right here lies with a no cost account created under a specific email address that’s then later switched to a paid business enterprise subscription. These two accounts are certainly not the same. Administrators have to be cautious that Microsoft doesn’t confuse the two accounts, or else there is a possible for sharing paid-subscription content using the trial account.
If technique admins are certainly not cautious, they could accidentally share the entire contents of their OneDrive with all the public without the need of realizing theyve accomplished so. The security action for this can be manual, unfortunately.
The first step is always to recognize that this danger exists (that a trial was converted to a paid account), and after that to utilize unique browsers and anonymous modes to verify the URLs of your information being shared in the account. When the threat of unintended data exposure is true, you can use the cost-free version login then copy and paste the URL to achieve access to the paid-account content.
365 irrespective of regardless of whether they connect from a managed or an unmanaged device
Giving users unfettered access to Workplace 365 services regardless of what device they connect from can present a risky situation where an unmanaged device outdoors of IT handle might be employed to exfiltrate data.
The safety action required to address this threat is always to deploy a cloud access safety broker that may execute classification of managed vs. unmanaged devices, enabling organizations to bring that classification into policy so they’re able to handle activities based on the classification.
One example should be to let complete access to Outlook email when on a corporate-managed device, but force the use of Outlook Web Access (OWA) for customers connecting from unmanaged devices. This prevents users from downloading their e-mail database towards the unmanaged device.

Danger: Unprotected communications channels leave data exposed for the duration of transmission+

When encryption is just not employed, it may open up users to mail-sniffing, where their mails get leaked too because the possible for mail tampering if they fall victim to a man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack. There isn’t any cause to send unencrypted email, in particular if it consists of vital data. Sending unencrypted data can result in private and private data leakage, at the same time because the leakage of privileged client information which can cause a loss of reputation and enterprise. The worst case scenarios for sending unencrypted mail can even go as far as identity theft and credit fraud.
The security action essential to address this risk should be to Force TLS. This can be accomplished by navigating to Exchange -> Exchange Admin Center inside the Admin section in the Office 365 console. From there, click Mail Flow -> Connectors and specify the domains for which you’d like to make connectors.

Danger: Customers do not set passwords, they re-use passwords, and their credentials get hi-jacked

Passwords are normally re-used, shared, stolen, and sometimes quickly cracked. When the credentials are compromised, access to the data within every aspect of 365 is at risk of being accessed or maliciously manipulated. On the other hand, customers cant be anticipated to supply further things of authentication just about every time they login on to each and every device.
The security action expected to address this threat would be to implement a multi-factor authentication technique that is applied and enforced depending on part and policy. Organizations should really contemplate the use of an adaptive authentication option.
As a further security measure, organizations could implement a single sign-on resolution with WS-Federation/SAML, eliminating password-based access totally.

Danger: Leaving unlimited logins open could bring about unfettered access

Regardless of your opinions of session timeouts, they are there for our security. The risk of somebody just opening your laptop or computer and seeing you happen to be logged into a web application is becoming a lot more prevalent as attackers get a lot more willing to take riskier approaches to accessing info. This can be particularly problematic for insider attacks. The excellent scenario here is not just on mail. It is also problematic for banking, social media and internal networks, where the attacker is met with an authentication screen as opposed to unapproved access. This adds an additional layer of safety by producing the authentication stage much more relevant. The worst case scenarios could be a comprehensive compromise of personal/private and client data. The capability to have mail access can enable an attacker to modify passwords, un-associate speak to particulars and compromise colleagues, pals and loved ones with access to a trusted account.

Microsoft Goes After Google Apps With Office 365

Microsoft Targets Google Apps With Office 365

Microsoft is trying to stay one step ahead of Google with nifty new cloud computing packages that incorporate the entirety of its productivity software, but it isnt jumping in completely. Its holding back a little. Lets learn more.

Microsoft Made a Big Announcement Recently

Microsoft announced last Tuesday that it would package its cloud-based office suite, called Office 365, and that it would also offer a number of subscription packages for big and small businesses alike. However, Microsoft is still offering just a limited web-based version of MS Office.

Microsoft Office Versus Google Apps

Office 365 combines MS Office, SharePoint Online, Lync Onine, and Exchange Online in a continuously updated cloud-based service. Office 365 will come out soon in a limited beta program, and it will become more widely available in 2011.
Customers can still get all of their software with subscription-based pricing, but the primary version of MS Office will need a desktop installation.
Office Web Apps service is the only cloud-based version of Office that Microsoft has out now. It doesnt cost anything for a consumer, but a business has to use it on a Sharepoint service, and Microsoft has suggested it only be used an Internet companion to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The Office version in the cloud is more just for minor editing and document sharing, but not much else. Microsoft has said as much.

Since this is what Microsoft is doing, Google has argued that Google Apps is a much better option for buyers with small IT departments, because Google offers all its tools on the Internet without any installation of software required on-premise.
Even with todays big announcement, Microsoft did not put it all into the cloud. The Office business version, Microsoft Office Professional Plus, will still be a desktop-only offering, even though it will be integrated with the cloud service from Microsoft.
Microsoft has a slick strategy of selling a combination of cloud service and desktop software, rather than just having it all online like Google, despite what the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, said about Microsoft going all-in for the cloud.
Microsoft said that Office Web Apps remains the only way to get Office software on the web.
Microsoft didnt go so far as to mention Google by name, but it did talk about its competition.
The Microsoft Office division senior vice president said that they differentiate themselves from their competitors by having data centers that are much more reliable and secure.
Even though Office 365 seems to be mostly a repackaging of cloud services that were previously available, the way that they packaged and priced could lure in a lot of new customers. Office 365 will make use of the 2010 versions of SharePoint and Exchange, whereas right now most Microsoft cloud customers have to use the 2007 version. Office 365 is meant to bring a more complete version of Lync, Sharepoint, and Exchange to a whole new platform with one sign in, an identity check, scripting, and a whole lot more.
For home users and small business users with between 25 and 50 users, Microsoft will charge a flat rate of $6 per user each month for Office Web Apps, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Exchange Online. And, it will also give the option to let you make an external website, and offer community support. There is even a small business version, which will let you access email, calendar, contacts, and documents with your smartphone. That is especially appealing to business users with smartphones, because they are always on the go.
There is also an enterprise option, which will cost between $2 and $24 per user each month, and it will have a sign-on option through Active Directory, IM and messaging, audio-conferencing and video-conferencing, and access to Office Web Apps, as well as a desktop-based version called Office Professional Plus.
The current customers of Business Productivity Online Suite), which includes SharePoint Online and Exchange Online, should be able to receive some of the Office 365 advantages for the same price as they’re paying today, which is about $10 per user each month.

Getting access to Office Professional Plus, which is for the desktop, will make the price go up to $24. If you get it at the lowest price point, which is just $2 per user each month, you will only get basic email.
Its hard to know which is best. Microsoft Office 365 is a formidable competitor for Google Apps. The two leading productivity suites have been going at it for years, and each of them has a ton to offer. Which is the best one for your company, though?
Its hard to decide. Google and Microsoft have been duking it over business customers for a long, long time, and the fight between them is only heating up.
The odd thing is that most customers are not actually choosing which one they like better. They are using both. A study out from Okta showed that more than 40% of its customers are working with Office 365 and Google Apps alike.
One of the most common reasons for the overlap is that separate departments are using separate apps.
As more businesses move toward cloud-based computer, there seems to be room for both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, at least while the cloud transition is happening. There is a big move to the cloud. It seems like there is enough room for everybody.
Microsoft is more popular for bigger companies, with more than 80% of the cloud email market in companies with more than $10 billion. Googles cloud-based solution is better for smaller companies ? companies that earn less than $50 million ? and they have almost 50% of the market there.
If you have a small organization, consider using Google Apps. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Google Apps is a little easier to use and more nimble. There are a lot of people who prefer Microsoft, though.

Office 365 Login Mail - Sign in Office 365

Office 365 mail sign in steps for new users, if you are new to office 365 products you may follow this paragraph to know the steps on how to login to office 365 official website.

First of all go to the official Microsoft 365 Login page, Follow the link below to visit:

Login Page: Office 365

By clicking the above link/button, you will be taken to the official microsoft 365 mail sign in page.

After opening that page, on the very right corner you will be having 2 Columns for Email ID and Password, you must have your own office 365 Email Id and password in order to login.

Fill both the columns correctly and then click on Sign in. You will be logged in and taken to the office 365 sign in Home page. That's it. These are the very simple steps for logging into your Office 365 login Account.

Office 365 is a new Email Service by the Microsoft Company, but just for the university level for now, we may believe that they will soon launch it globally for everyone. The Office 365 login is now available for only office and university subscriptions. That can be accessible anywhere, anyplace on the Microsoft official website: login.microsoftonline.com. As we saw that after the invention of Gmail the Hotmail went really down suffers alot of users loss. So microsoft decided to replace the hotmail login with the 365 Login.

Office 365 applications supports many great features as mentioned above. It is available for every single platform, for every operation systems such as Windows, Mac OS etc. The package along with the 365 subscription contains a free storage space on the online OneDrive by Microsoft and also an hour of free credit for Skype every month.

For the ease of work and access this Mail 365 product launched for Universities and Private Business works. That's why it comes along with a 4 (Four) Years Subscriptions. It also have alot of features and services that comes with this subscription. Now the new Office 2016 also contains the office 365 Products in it. Read More at Official Microsoft Website Product Page.