Facebook signs up to Use Office 365

Facebook recently signed a deal that will allow them to use Microsoft’s Office 365, which is the web-based version of their comprehensive software suite. While this social network company will have full access to numerous components of Office 365, they will not be able to use Yammer or Skype for business purposes.
Tim Campos, who is the CIO of Facebook, stated that their company is using Office 365 because it is such a comprehensive platform that conforms to their strict security standards, and that it will allow them to accomplish their goals with great flexibility. The fact that this platform is deployed all over the planet and can be accessed on all of the mobile platforms Facebook supports is yet another reason why they are using it.
While most people think of Office 365 as being just Word, Excel and Power Point, Facebook has stated that there are uses for it that go beyond just those components. One of the reasons that the social networking giant decided to start using this software suite is because of its potential for providing them with insight into how their own employees work with each other. The personal analytics along with Focused Inbox and other features will help Facebook to increase how effectively and efficiently they are able to work on a daily basis.
Campos also stated that they plan on continuing to roll out additional services as Microsoft continues to innovate with Office 365. He said that productivity and security are two very important things to Facebook, and this software suite will help to enhance both in a significant and practical way.
A vast majority of Facebook’s use of Office 365 will be its email and calendar services. All 13,000 employees of this social networking company will have access to these features, and they will be using Facebook at Work to collaborate. Part of this collaboration involves Facebook working with Microsoft on their Delve software to make it easier to find relevant information within documents.
Facebook definitively stated that despite Facebook at Work’s many uses and sheer effectiveness, it does not end the need for email. The Radicati Group estimated that the use of email will reach 215.3 billion emails sent by the end of 2016 with a five percent increase annually through 2020.

Using Microsoft 360 will supposedly help those who work at Facebook with Microsoft’s Delve service. The purpose of Delve is to locate relevant content in documents, which can in theory help this social network giant to function even more efficiently.
Microsoft Delve will undoubtedly help Facebook employees with sorting through huge amounts of irrelevant information so they can find specific pieces of data that they need for whatever reason. This will be an especially useful tool for Facebook, considering it has approximately 1.6 billion users that generate tons of raw data.
The announcement of this collaboration between Facebook and Microsoft was initially announced by Tim Campos at Microsoft’s Partner Conference. While there are a number of rival services that are drawing in corporate customers, Kirk Koenigsbauer of Microsoft stated that email is not dead. Tim Campos went on to say that there are other reasons why they have chosen to collaborate with Microsoft and use Office 365, such as that it is a highly flexible and secure platform that will help their employees in a number of ways.
Microsoft 360 operates completely online with a cloud-based design, and it’s main competitor is the Google Apps Suite. Campos stated that Facebook’s entire philosophy is to provide their employees with the tools they need to help them work more efficiently on the devices they feel most comfortable with. One of the primary reasons that Facebook chose Office 360 is because it can be used across all platforms, including Android, PCs, iPhones and Macs.
Campos also praised Office 360’s ability to make the task of dealing with tons of data a lot easier for the company’s employees. This software will help Facebook to deal with both internal and external data through tools that use artificial intelligence, including Microsoft Delve and Microsoft Exchange’s Clutter feature.
One of the things that Facebook likes most about Office 360 is the fact that Microsoft is always making improvements and innovations to it, as well adding new features, apps and capabilities that can be hugely beneficial to the social networking company. And while Facebook will no doubt get lots of use out of the email and calendaring features of this software suite, it most likely will not be using Microsoft Word very much. Facebook uses Quip, which is a mobile word processor that was originally developed by Bret Taylor, who is the former CTO and current board member of Twitter.

Mr. Campos said he believed that Microsoft Delve as well as Office 360 as a whole will prove to be extremely helpful in “keeping the noise level down” as he put it, which will translate into more efficient employees on a regular basis. Facebook fully expects to see tremendous results from the web-based Office suite, despite the fact that they will not be utilizing every single component of it.
Tim Campos has been very outspoken about his excitement regarding the collaboration between Microsoft and Facebook, saying that he fully expects it to be “fruitful” and yield noticeable results. Facebook stated that email is a better option for them as opposed its Facebook at Work variant. Facebook at Work was first launched back in 2015, and it allowed employees of this company to trade information and content across a web interface that they were familiar with.
According to Campos, Facebook at Work will continue to be used for internal purposes, but the company still recognizes how important it is to have a traditional email option. The Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365 Applications stated that email is still going to be used as the primary means of communication. He also said that email itself has evolved quite a bit over the years, as larger companies tend to use various social networking platforms for internal communication as well as keeping track of projects and annotating documents.
Campos expressed special interest in Microsoft Graph because of its impressive functionality, stating that it could really help Facebook employees work together in a much more efficient and cohesive way. He believes that their company can leverage Microsoft Graph within their own internal tools and services to make some significant improvements across the board. Campos also said that he believes that Microsoft’s productivity applications are impressively comprehensive and will undoubtedly be able to meet the company’s security and productivity needs going into the future.
Facebook collaboration with Microsoft could be a huge win for the social networking giant. This recent news has also revealed Microsoft’s intention to build and grow their productivity suite across a number of devices. There are also huge implications for other tech companies that have plans to do the same thing by using Office 365 for small businesses. There are quite a few different organizations that are interested in certain mergers that could help them to increase productivity and overall employee performance, and this is just one prime example. One thing is for certain—Facebook is very confident that this collaboration will help them tremendously