How to Access Office 365 Online Portal

Microsoft’s Office 365 provides a complete suite of powerful tools and applications perfect for students, businesses and the average computer user. Office is used around the world, but it was never cloud-enabled in the past.
As computing advanced, Microsoft saw the need to allow users to not only create files on their computer but also create files right online.

Office 365 Home Edition

Accessing Office 365 is easy:
Now, you’re logged into your account and will be able to access Office 365 remotely. This is meant for the Office 365 Home edition and will not work if you have a business or education edition.

Office 365 Business / Education

Anyone that is using the business or education edition will need to follow a different link to login. This can be done by:
If you’re using the wrong edition to login, you will be redirected to a different login page. This is problematic because the login on the new page doesn’t work properly. Many Home edition users will not be able to log into their account using the redirected page – it’s a hassle.

Accessing Office 365 Programs

Once you’ve successfully logged into your account, you’ll be able to access all programs by:
  • Going to your dashboard.
  • Clicking the respective program.
You’ll have access to the following programs right online:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneDrive
You will also have access to Calendar, People and Sway. All of the best programs and features of Office are available right online for you to use. This is ideal for anyone that is away from their main computer and needs to use Office, or if you have an older computer that slows down your workflow, you can use the online version to speed things up.
It is very efficient and easy to use online.

Saving Your Documents

When you go to save your documents, you’ll notice that it’s a little different. First, you’ll be saving all of your files on the cloud using Microsoft’s OneDrive platform. This is automatically connected to Office, so you simply click “Save As” and you’ll be presented with a file tree.
A few folders already exist:
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Public
You can also create a new folder by clicking “New folder” at the bottom right of the display. Once you’re done choosing a folder, type in your desired file name and it will be saved. You don’t have the option to choose a file type, and there is no save button. The application will automatically save your files as you’re working.

Accessing Your Documents

Users have two ways of accessing their files.
  1. Log into your online portal and open your files as normal.
  2. Using your installed Office 365:
    1. Open the desired program.
    2. Click Open.
    3. Choose OneDrive.
    4. Choose Browse.
The file will open up directly from OneDrive, and you will have the opportunity to save it to your PC at this time. It’s a very simple process that makes working with Office almost effortless for the user.
One thing that you will notice is that all of your custom templates are not online. This may be problematic for some users, but you can save a blank file with just your template settings on OneDrive, and reopen and resave the file as you see fit.
Office 365 allows users to access their favorite applications and documents directly online. Through the use of Microsoft’s servers, this reduces the need for businesses to continually update and patch their computer systems while also allowing the same functionality users love.
Everyone that uses Office 365 has access to the Online Portal.