Where to buy Office 365

Office 365 can be purchased from a variety of retailers, but before you go and buy it, you need to know the different offerings that are included.

Differences Between Office 365 Offerings

Where to buy Office 365

There are a few versions of the software available. Every offering includes the following applications:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Access
These programs are available when you purchase office.

Monthly Options

Where to buy Office 365

There are two monthly options for non-business users. These versions both offer free support and upgrades.
Office 365 Home
Home edition costs $9.99 per month and includes Outlook. This option also offers:
  • 5 installations on PC or Mac
  • 5 installations on tablets
  • 5 installations on phones
Offline storage of 1 TB for every user is included as well as 60 minutes a month of Skype for free.
Users can purchase one-year of usage for a 16% discount of $99.
Office 365 Personal
The personal version is best for one-person users. This version also includes Outlook and the following restrictions:
  • Installation on 1 PC
  • Installation on 1 tablet
  • Installation on 1 phone
There is 1 TB of OneDrive space included as well as 60 minutes of Skype for free. The price for the personal version is $6.99 per month.
Users can purchase a year of service for $69.99 (16% off).

One-time Fee

Office Home & Student
A one-time fee provides you with Office 2013 (PC) or Office 2016 (MAC). This version can only be installed on one PC and does not offer tablet or phone use or free Skype minutes. Online storage is limited to 15 GB.
The one-time fee offer is $139.99; updates are not provided for free.
Office Home & Business 2013
Nearly the same offering as Home & Student, but this version can be used by businesses and includes Outlook.
Office Professional 2013
Again, this version is like Home & Business, but Publisher and Access is included.

Business Options

There are three business tiers available that all come with a monthly fee attached. These three versions start from $5 a month per user and run up to $12.50 per user a month.
Office 365 Business Essentials
An online only version that includes all of the same great apps users love. This version costs $5/month and includes:
  • Word, excel and PowerPoint
  • 1 TB of storage
  • 50 GB business class email
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • Corporate social network
  • 300 maximum users
Office 365 Business
The Business version does not come with email, but costs $8.25/month and offers:
  • Word, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Excel
  • 5 installation per users
  • Online and offline installation
  • 1 TB file storage
  • 300 user maximum
Office 365 Business Premium
The Premium version costs $12.50/month and comes with the following:
  • Online access, offline installation
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher
  • 50 GB of email
  • 1 TB of file storage
  • HD video conferencing
  • Business class email, calendar and contacts
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • 300 user capacity
  • Corporate social network

Where to Buy Office 365

There are a few places where you can buy Office 365. The prices that are listed above all come from Microsoft’s own online store. If you don’t want to buy Office from the original source, you do have a few other options available.
  • Amazon: Offering the standard price for the Home
  • Best Buy: Offers the standard price for the Home edition as well.
Users that want to pay the one-time fee will find that the price difference is negligible between Microsoft and all other retailers. Even Newegg has the same price listed as Microsoft. When paying for the subscription, you can buy the annual package from other retailers, but you will have to resume making payments through Microsoft after your prepaid period expires.